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Guiding group on St Cuthbert's Way

  • Walking Support was established following an increasing number of enquiries from walkers who had been looking at the St Cuthbert’s Way and Rob Roy Way portal websites. These two websites were established, designed and maintained by our associate business and although full of data there was clearly for some the need for additional support.

Out of these enquiries we set up Walking Support in 2003 and it has continued to prosper and grow since that date, increasing its service in varying way:-

Supporting an increasing number of walking route

Offering self led and guided walks

Delivering support to individual walkers and groups

Tailoring the package to the clients requirements both in terms of walking capability and financial budgets.

Providing a complete package with optional add ons such as baggage transfer, travel support, and arrangement of additional holiday activities.

Delivering a door to door luggage transfer service via our own business on the Borders Abbeys Way and the Southern Upland / Sir Walter Scott Way for any walker or booking agent. 

Walking Support philosophy has always been to provide a personalised quality service to the customer and this has been rewarded with a high level of repeat business and client referrals. We also have a large percentage of our business come from the international market with regular walking groups from a far away as north America, South Africa and Scandinavia.

Walking Support also contributes back to the activity tourism sector in the form of participation in Tourism committees and forums, participating in developing and delivery of area walking festivals, being part of route management teams and in the ongoing promotion of walking to the domestic and international market. We have also offered independent advise and comment into many planning applications and some appeals as they relate to the development and access of the countryside.

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