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Developing greater contacts through Social Media


We have been aware of the need to always try to develop a dialogue between our business and the walkers who may access our websites or who have been our customers. We have encouraged this with on-line questionnaires and comment links however we have up until now omitted to enter into the 21st century with the use of Social Media.

Having recently attended a seminar on the topic of Social Media we have concluded that unless we “dip our toes in the water” we will never learn or know if this is helpful to both our business and our customers. We are sure that our initial attempts may be unsuccessful or very limited in producing a well used blog that receiving an exchange of views with the readers, but here goes with our first posting.

In addition to a BLOG we are also setting up a Fan Page on Facebook and we hope that we will begin to gather some friends through this means as well. For those who are already registered with Facebook , search for Walking Support and make a request to become a Fan, we will be delighted to grow this community also. All this is additional to the already set up although infrequently used e-newsletter that we already offer, and we do hope that through this new social media activity we may hear more about what you are interested in as regards the great outdoors and walking.

As for this BLOG, we are still in the development stages and learning the options and tools that come with WordPress. We will as time allows add more material and links, and we hope more images – an image can relay more than a thousand words. As for topics that we intend to cover over the next period they are a debate on the topic of wind farm developments and we would like to get responses from all sides of the debate. Clearly there are a number of very active applications for wind turbines that are on or very close to popular walking routes, is this a concern or not? Another topic is likely to be on the development of “Pilgrimage walks”, are people looking for experiences that draw them closer to some form of spiritual experience. We additionally see the blog as being a place where we can update and provide news type data on the many wonderful walks in Northern Britain and to inform the bloggers of the events and activities that might be of interest.

Most of all Walking Support is looking at Social Media as a means of  learning what is important to others in the area of walking and enjoying the beautiful and interesting countryside. From our profile you will see that Walking Support is involved in may activities that are not business related, so please enter into dialogue, this is not a pure promotional endeavour.

Click on this link to learn more on Walking Support and our various activities and interests. Please also comment and keep an eye open for our next posting.

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  1. 07/12/2010 3:24 pm

    I’ll be interested to see any information and comments about pilgrims’ ways. I include some some stories of the saints on tours which I lead, and am keen to see the development of more opportunities for people to walk and cycle these routes.

    • John Henderson permalink
      07/12/2010 4:53 pm

      Thank you for responding to this posting. Although you have highlighted only a single topic that I indicated might be put up in the future it is encouraging to know that there is at least one person who might be interested in the forthcoming blog.

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